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Hello again! 

Long time no see, I know ;D I'm so bad at this, I really need to be a lot more active on here and I'm really sorry it takes me so long to even update or anything. I'm currently just getting prepared for my next convention that's being held in the next week or so- I think it's about seven or eight days until it? And of course, work towards my A-Levels never seems to go down- thanks a lot school. Though this kind of leads onto what I was going to actually make the major body of this journal entry: 

This is going to be my last year at school (oh joys!) and although I am still planning on attending university after finishing sixth form (I'm applying to the University of Plymouth in the UK as my top choice, so if anyone goes or knows anyone who does I would adore to get in touch! I would be amazing- but anyway,) and have decided before I even go that far, I'm going to take a year out. You know, break away from the system a bit, get out of all the whole study, marking, exam crap that school put us all through for what thirteen plus years of our lives. Well, what I say to that, is fuck it! I'm off. 

I'm planning on taking a year out, gap year, whatever you want to call it. And during this time, I am also going to make sure that I do something constructive, and as probably expected, I am planning on 'travelling'. In the sense of I'm going abroad to volunteer in different projects across the globe- mostly all to do with marine life conservation as it a huge love of mine (I swear I'm like 90% Haru from Free! sometimes with how much I love the God damn sea!) but , here's the plan, I'm hoping to go off to Sri Lanka for six months to volunteer working with turtle conservation, and then do another three months in the Azores in monitoring and analyzing whale and dolphin movement. I have always wanted to do something like this- believe it or not, I used to want to be a marine biologist until I realised how ridiculously stupid I was and I was never going to get the grades never mind doing a degree in it- and I'm just so pumped to go! 

But this is when you come into it. I need to raise at least £5,325 to get onto the projects, and this doesn't include flights, travel insurance or visa's to the county, never mind other living costs- *cries*. I luckily have over a year to try and scrape this money together, but it's definitely going to be tough! This is when I need to ask you:

I have made a crowd funding page- I'm so sorry! I really didn't want to start doing this but I'm like stuck until I manage to get a job (of course I am applying like crazy right now to every job I can see!) and of course the money from the conventions I'm attending, any money from family that I can manage to save, and ontop of that, many fundraising activities I'm planning, including swimming the Salford Quays next year! But I just need to also start pleading for people to be so kind as to even consider giving me a small donation. 

Though! Wait a second! I am not just going to plea for free! I am going to work for this, and I will be doing commissions for everyone who donates C: 

What you could get!! (God I make it sound so exciting ;D)

If you donate anywhere from £1.00 - £5.00 you'll get a thank you card in the mail with a sketch from me in side! (and of course a handwritten thank you note for your amazing loveliness because that's what you are! Lovely! :D

Anywhere from £6.00- £10.00 you'll get a thank you card in the mail with a sketch from me AND a free chibi! fully coloured and everything :D  

Anywhere from £11.00 - £20.00 you'll get a thank you card in the mail with a sketch from me, a free fully coloured chibi AND a digital bust up fully detailed piece C:

Anywhere from £21.00 -£30.00 (first of THANK YOU!!) and you'll get a thank you card from me in the mail with a sketch too, a fully coloured chibi, a digital waist up fully detailed piece!  

Anywhere from £31.00+ you'll get a thank you card from me in the mail, one digital fully coloured chibi, a digital waist up fully detailed piece AAAND a sticker sheet sent in the mail too cause WOW!  that includes 5 fully coloured chibis on sticker paper ready for you to cut out and stick where ever you please 

If you donate and would the above, please make sure you give me your name and address and your deviantART username so I can contact you or you me visaversa about what you'd like : D 

You can donate here: < --- !! 


Emmy xx 


E m m y
United Kingdom

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